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Encore Episode: Howie Mandel - Take Cholesterol to Heart

High cholesterol is a critical conversation to have, with more than 100 million Americans affected."If I can inspire people to talk to their doctor about their statin, that’s better than getting a laugh.” --Howie Mandel

That statement is on the home page of the "Take Cholesterol to Heart" webpage, an organization Howie Mandel has partnered with to raise awareness about high cholesterol and the treatment options available. 

It's a critical conversation to have, with more than 100 million Americans affected. 

Howie himself was diagnosed with high cholesterol in his late 30s, but at the time he really didn't realize the importance of the words coming out of his doctor's mouth since he felt generally "healthy." He was prescribed a statin, which he took initially but then quit taking after experiencing some undesirable muscle pain as a side effect. 

A year later at his doctor's visit, his cholesterol was through the roof. He then began to really listen, now understanding that his time bomb was ticking.

Howie joins Dr. Friedman in this encore episode from May 2019 to discuss how dangerous high cholesterol can be, why there's not just one statin, and the importance of talking to your doctor about cholesterol and medication options.

To learn more, visit the Take Cholesterol to Heart website.

Host: David Friedman, DC