UNdoctored: Exclusive Interviews the AMA Doesn’t Want You To hear

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Did you know the American Medical Association (AMA) was found guilty in federal court for trying to eliminate their biggest competitor, the Chiropractic profession? After a 15 year battle, the U.S Supreme Court found them guilty of illegal restriction of trade, conspiracy to eliminate a competitor and for violations of antitrust law. Why didn’t you hear about this “David beats Goliath” landmark court case? If McDonalds sued and won a lawsuit against Burger King for using criminal tactics to eliminate them from the marketplace, this would have made national news! Why didn’t the chiropractor’s triumphant battle against the AMA get coverage in TIME magazine, USA Today, CNN, Fox News, 20/20 or 60 Minutes? For that answer, follow the money. The media is largely funded by the AMA and pharmaceutical industry. From medications for heartburn, erectile dysfunction to irritable bowel syndrome, these drug advertisements pay for your favorite TV shows, magazines and newspapers. After the verdict, the AMA made it clear to the media that if they shared information about the lawsuit, they would pull their sponsors. For decades, the details of this case have been swept under the carpet; until now. UNdoctored is the movie the AMA doesn’t want you to see.


Join Dr. David Friedman for his exclusive interviews with the filmmaker and lead attorney for this landmark case.


Jeff Hays
Jeff Hays:  Academy Award Nominated Film Maker.

      The Hidden Story Behind the AMAs Plot to Destroy Chiropractic
      The Most Important Film in the History of Chiropractic

George McAndrews
George McAndrews, Lead Attorney

      Chiropractic vs the American Medical Association
      The Man Behind the Fight for Chiropractic

Thanks to lead council, George McAndrew’s perseverance, you have the freedom to choose an alternative to drugs and surgery.  Had the AMA not been stopped, they would have also gone after acupuncture, massage, homeopathy, naturopathy and herbology.

To see the film: Undoctoredmovie.com

To read Dr. Friedman’s UNdoctored article:  DoctorDavidFriedman

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