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The Dangers in the Workplace

Think you are safe while sitting at your desk? Think again. There are dangers lurking all around your workplace. All the stresses you encounter on a daily basis at work can take a toll on your health. There’s not enough time to go out and pick up something for lunch, so you turn to the vending machine, filled with candy bars and processed, sugary foods. And now, the World Health Organization has placed cell phones on the list (alongside lead, DDT, and engine exhaust) of things that possibly cause cancer. This week on To Your Good Health Radio, Dr. Friedman talks with experts who can help all of us eliminate some of these dangers. Listen now!

Sahron JakubecySharon Jakubecy:  Sharon Jakubecy started studying the Alexander Technique 12 years ago to alleviate chronic pain in her hips. She experienced such calm and ease in her body, she knew she had to share this with the world.  Sharon helps writers, doctors, singers, actors, among others to achieve peak performance by giving them the tools to release harmful tension. Sharon will be joining the show to share with us this technique and how to manage the stresses we encounter in the workplace.
[audio:|titles=Sress Management Sharon Jakubecy 8.4.11] Sharon Jakubecy on stress management and the Alexander Technique.

Camilla ReesCamilla Rees:  Over the course of the past decade, numerous electromagnetic field sources have become the focus of health concerns, including  cancer!  Things we encounter everyday like power lines, microwave ovens, computer and TV screens, security devices, radars and most recently,  mobile phones and their base stations. That’s right! The World Health Organization issued a warning that cell phones may, in fact, cause cancer. Camilla Rees, health and environment advocate and founder of joins the show to inform us on how we can protect ourselves.

[audio:|titles=Potential Dangers of Cell Phones Camilla Rees 8.4.11] Camilla Rees on the potential dangers of cell phones and EMF.

Jolly BackerJolly Backer: Move over Snickers, it’s time for something more satisfying; Fresh Healthy Vending. Jolly Backer, founder, is dedicated to helping people  live healthier lives.  He is proud to be pioneering the first healthy foods franchise business model in a market that, until now, has been monopolized by junk food: vending machines. Jolly will be joining Dr. Friedman on the show to discuss how important healthy vending machines are in the workplace, offering convenience and healthy options at the same time.

[audio:|titles=Healthy Eating in the Workplace Jolly Backer 8.4.11]Jolly Backer on Healthy Eating in the Workplace

And in the last segment of the show…

Dr. David FriedmanMost Americans between the ages of 22 and 65 spend 40 to 50 percent of their waking hours at work. Every year millions of Americans suffer from injuries. The Center for Health Care Policy and Research and Department of Public Health estimates  indirect and direct total annual costs at  $232 billion dollars!  This  coupled with anxiety, stress and insomnia, makes your job a very unsafe place.   Dr. Friedman will be discussing how to recognize these dangers and how you can combat the  every day mental and physical stresses at work.

[audio:|titles=Health in the Workplace Dr. Friedman 8.4.11]Dr. Friedman discusses how you can stay safe and healthy in the workplace.

Listen to this informative show on the dangers lurking in your workplace!

Show Date: 8.4.11 1pm EST


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