Does Your Favorite Beer or Wine Contain Fish Bladder?!

GuinnessMy Beer and Wine May Contain Fish Bladder!?

Is that Isinglass in my wineglass? As you sip on that glass of wine or ice-cold beer this summer, know that many brands of beer and wine contain an ingredient taken from the bladders of tropical fish, called Isinglass.  Used to filter cloudy yeast extracts out of many brands of beer and wine, it’s not safe to assume that all yeasty beverages are vegan-friendly.  Check here to see if your favorite brand contains this or other non-vegan ingredients!
Please drink responsibly. Cheers!



  1. Eva

    It’s a shock to find out that beer and other foods we got used to contain some strange and even gross ingredients disguised as “natural ingredients” on nutrition labels.

  2. MontanaPhil

    Do you button heads realize that yeast were killed in the making of that beer! The alcohol is going to kill you long before the fish scales do, although it may be too late to prevent brain damage.

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