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The Care Partner Perspective of Recurrent Ovarian Cancer, with Actor Scott Foley

Celebrated actor Scott Foley discusses the Not My Watch movement and how its helping women suffering from recurrent ovarian cancer.Scott Foley is a celebrated TV and film star, most known for his appearance on shows like Scandal, Felicity, and the new ABC show, Whiskey Cavalier. 

What many do not know is that one of Scott’s biggest roles happened off-screen and at an early age, when he acted as a secondary caregiver to his mother during her time with recurrent ovarian cancer. Scott helped his mom through multiple recurrences for four years before losing her to the devastating disease when he was 15.

At the time, treatment options were limited and much time was spent watching and waiting for the cancer to come back.

Now, women with recurrent ovarian cancer, who have responded to platinum-based chemotherapy, have options called maintenance therapies that can extend their time in response and delay recurrence. Still nearly 50% of eligible women are not receiving or not aware of these options.

To help get the word out, Scott has partnered with TESARO, an oncology-focused bio-pharmaceutical company, on "Not on My Watch," a nationwide movement that seeks to inform and empower women with recurrent ovarian cancer and their care partners to take proactive steps in managing the disease, like talking to their healthcare provider about maintenance therapy.

As part of the Not on My Watch movement, Scott stars in an educational Public Service Announcement that reveals, for the first time, his very personal story.

Listen as Scott joins Dr. Friedman to share more information about the movement.

Watch Scott's PSA HERE

Host: David Friedman, DC