Holistic Plastic Surgery

Holistic plastic surgery is more than just surgery.Our appearance and the speed at which we age are determined by multiple factors.

Genetics, gravity, and sun damage certainly exert powerful effects on our aging, but there is so much more to the aging process than most people realize.

We age because of the products and chemicals we put on our skin. We age because of the pollution in our environment. We age because of the things we do (or don’t do).

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And, possibly more than anything else, we age because of the food we eat. More and more, scientists are finding that the food we eat does more than just give us energy to power our bodies’ processes. Food can actually affect how our genes express themselves.

Holistic plastic surgery takes all of this into account: our environments, our habits, our dietary choices, and all of the different treatments we can undergo, from lasers to injections to surgeries. It combines all of these into a whole-body approach to slow down aging and to regain the appearance you’ve lost, or to gain the appearance you’ve always wanted.

The tenets of holistic plastic surgery are what Dr. Anthony Youn, also known as America's Holistic Plastic Surgeon™, has shared in the past dozen years through television programs, radio shows, books, and articles.

Dr. Youn joins Dr. Friedman to explain the details surrounding holistic plastic surgery, which individuals are candidates for this type of care, and how you personally can benefit.

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Host: David Friedman, DC