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"Ask the Doctor" with Dr. Friedman - 7.4.19

Dr. Friedman weighs in on a few of his listeners' important questions.On this episode of To Your Good Health Radio, Dr. Friedman answers a variety of listener's questions including natural remedies for arthritis, brain fog, hot flashes, and weight gain.


  • With Summer here, how do you pick the best watermelon? Dr. Friedman shares his four steps to getting the sweetest and ripest melon.
  • With all the conflicting opinions on whether or not coffee is good or bad for you, Dr. Friedman percolates over this topic and shares his opinion.
  • Recently there have been two major lawsuit victories against Monsanto and their cancer causing product Roundup. In this segment Dr. Friedman shares some proactive steps you can take to avoid ingesting this chemical. And, he’ll also share some tips on how to create your own home made environment and pet friendly weed killer.
  • One listener asks why bananas go bad so quickly and Dr. Friedman shares a simple hack on how to keep your bananas staying fresh twice as long.
  • And, he weighs in on the soy and oatmeal controversy.
All this, and much more. You have questions, Dr. Friedman has answers!

Here's what listeners have to say...

Dr. Friedman, it’s  summer time, my favorite season of the year because I get to eat watermelon! But, I don’t have much luck picking out the ripest and best tasking melons. Can you offer any suggestions?
-Dawn, Myrtle Beach SC

Dr. Friedman, I’m really enjoying your book. Seems like you are not a fan of soy. What about organic soy milk powder?
-Paula, Wilmington NC

Dear Dr. Friedman, I am a new listener and have been binge listening to all your previous shows.  My question is, with all the recent lawsuits on Monstanto’s Round up causing cancer,  what can I do to make sure my family isn’t consuming it?
-Shelly, Smyrna GA

I’m 55 years old and  was hoping you could suggest something natural I can take to help with my hormones. I’m sick of the hot flashes, weight gain, mood swings and feeling like crap all the time. I don’t want to take a prescription.
-Ann, Ft. Worth TX

Dr. Friedman, I love your show and always learn so much. I just got a gym membership for my wife and I.  But she doesn’t want to go  because she’s worried she’ll end up grotesque and muscular like a professional female body builder. Can you please set the record straight?
-Mike, Dayton OH

What’s the difference between yellow bananas and red bananas. Also, I’ve heard that if a banana has brown spots on it, this means it’s been chemically ripened. Any truth to this?
-Leslie, Los Angeles CA

Dr. Friedman, I’m a long time listener and love your show. Lately I’ve been getting brain fog. I forget things and seem to be living in a cloud. Is there anything I can eat that might help?
-Nicole, Montana

Dr. Friedman, your book Food Sanity has helped clear up most of the confusion on what we should be eating. What’s your opinion on coffee? Some say it’s bad for us while others say it’s healthy. What’s your take on coffee?
-Richard, Lexington KY

I’ve eaten oatmeal all my life but I’ve heard recently that oats are bad for me. What gives?
-Jennifer, Joliet IL

I have osteoarthritis and I don’t want to be on anti-inflammatory drugs or steroids. Is there a natural remedy for arthritis that works?
-Susan, Atlanta GA

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Host: David Friedman, DC