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Whole Body Transformation System

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We’ve taken the most important first steps to achieving optimal health: Exercise, Healthy Eating Habits and Proper Nutrition and created the most amazing system to guide you through each step with help from renowned experts in each health and wellness category!

Exercise: Most of us are stagnant all day. We sit behind a desk at work; we sit in our car, then it’s on to the couch to watch some TV or behind a computer for hours catching up on emails and social media.

Did You Know? Statistics show that less than 2 out of 10 Americans get the recommended levels of exercise. 14% of Americans currently have a gym membership and … 90% of them stop going regularly within 90 days!

Most people don’t have the extra time to drive back and forth to the gym every day, and who has 90 minutes to do one of those popular follow-along home exercise programs?

SOLUTION: Denise Austin, “America’s Fitness Expert”

Denise Austin, “America’s Favorite Fitness Expert” gives you a head to toe fat burning program that takes just 7 minutes! This includes core, cardio, upper body, lower body and abs. From a soccer mom taking care of her family while juggling a part time job to the corporate CEO working 70+ hours a week, this program is designed for people that are pressed for time. From college students to grandparents, Denise gives you a 7 minute solution for beginners to advanced. Fit In A Flash will help you achieve permanent weight loss, keep your heart healthy and blood pressure in check.

Healthy Eating Habits:  One of the biggest reasons people are overweight and unhealthy is their lousy eating habits. They believe eating healthy  “takes too much work” and “costs too much money.” NOT TRUE!

Did You Know? Belly Fat leads to a greater risk for heart disease, stroke, diabetes and even cancer!

Hear What Denise Austin Has to Say

Hear what Denise Austin has to say about the Whole Body Transformation System!

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SOLUTION: Erin Palinksi, Author of Belly Fat Diet for Dummies

We have partnered with a nationally recognized nutrition expert, chef and bestselling author to show you how to make the right food choices for you and your family. Erin Palinski, renowned author of the best selling book Belly Fat Diet for Dummies offers an A – Z guide showing you how to reach your ideal weight, control your blood sugar, blood pressure and keep your hormones in check.  She makes it so easy, even a dummy can lose weight and keep it off. You will learn how to lose total body fat, but she focuses on the most dangerous and life threatening type of fat – BELLY FAT!  Fat in this area can lead to heart disease, stroke, diabetes and cancer!  Even thin people can have unhealthy “hidden” belly fat that can be stored deep inside the abdomen around the organs, visible only by CT scan. Your monthly Whole Body Transformation System will include ongoing tips from Erin with exclusive interviews conducted by Dr. Friedman to keep you motivated on taking control of  what you eat!


Hear what Erin Palinski has to say about the Whole Body Transformation System!

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Proper Nutrition:  No matter how great  your diet, it’s virtually impossible to get the balance of all the nutrients your body requires on a daily basis. Even when your stomach is full, your body can still be starving for essential  nutrients.    When you’re stressed, your body needs extra vitamins and when you exercise your body needs additional minerals.

SOLUTION: Chews-4-Health™  All Natural, Vegan Friendly, Gluten Free Dietary Supplement

Offering the very best from land and sea. Chews-4-Health Dietary Supplement™  is your ultimate daily supplement from nature!  Each delicious wafer brings you over  80 essential  whole food vitamins, minerals and amino acids – full spectrum nutrition for everyone from children to great-grandparents!


Did you Know? Lack of sleep is the leading cause of hormonal balances, memory loss and belly fat!  Not getting enough sleep can take a real toll on how productive you are during the day and your overall health and well-being!

SOLUTION: Good-Night™ All Natural Sleep Aid

Good-Night™It is impossible to have a good day unless you have a good night!  A lack of sleep is a  leading cause of hormonal balances, depression, memory loss and belly fat. Sleeplessness  takes a toll on your health and well-being and reeks havoc on  your productivity.  Two delicious all natural  tropical flavored Good-Night™ chewables  30 minutes before bed will put you into la-la land. You will  wake up refreshed without grogginess.


Tired and lack of energy: Even after a wonderful night’s sleep many of us need that extra kick start in the morning and throughout the day. Energy products have become a multibillion dollar industry for a reason – they make us feel good.  The problem is most of them cause jitters and contain  dangerous chemicals, artificial sweeteners and preservatives that can wreak havoc on the body!  In fact, Red bull has been banned in Germany, France, Denmark, and Norway.

SOLUTION: IGNITE Chewable Energy™

 Ignite Chewable Energy™Lack of Energy? Even after a wonderful night’s sleep many of us need that extra kick start in the morning and throughout the day. Energy products have become a multi-billion dollar industry for a reason – they make us feel good. IGNITE Chewable Energy™ promotes stamina, healthy metabolism and keeps you energized throughout the day without the jitters caused by other energy products.* Ignite…Energy Done Right!™


Did you Know? Seventy percent of people are considered overweight?  One of the reasons?  We eat too much food!  Portion control is one of the biggest problems when it comes to eating.  We live in a society of “super size me” and “all you can eat” and “buy one get one free.”  This overeating causes us to gain weight!

SOLUTION: TrimULean™ Weight Reduction System

TrimULean™TrimULean™ Weight Reduction System contains 10 natural ingredients designed to help you eat less and cheat less.  TrimULean helps boost your metabolism and also helps support healthy thyroid function.*  Taken as directed (2 before every meal), this product will assist you in your weight loss goals. Whether you want to lose a few pounds or have a hundred pounds of weight you want to lose, TrimULean paves “the weigh” to a slimmer and firmer you!   You can mix  these  chocolate wafers with your daily Chews-4-Health Dietary Supplement and create a delicious cherry cordial taste.

Your Whole Body Transformation System includes:

Receive 1 box of Chews-4-Health™ Dietary Supplement, 2 boxes of TrimULean™ Weight Reduction System, 1 bottle of Good-Night™ All-Natural Sleep Aid and 1 box of IGNITE Chewable Energy™. Get fit in just 7 minutes a day with Denise Austin’s Fit in a Flash DVD, learn to eat healthy and get rid of the body fat with Erin Palinski’s Belly Fat Diet for Dummies, Newsletter with health and wellness tips and great recipes, Audio CD with health and wellness experts interviewed by Dr. David Friedman! Plus Dr. Friedman’s best selling CD America’s Unbalanced Diet. All for just $99.95 (Retail Value Over $300!)

Get Your Monthly Whole Body Transformation System Today – we guarantee this will change your life! We offer a “cancel at any time” and 60-day money back guarantee!

Whole Body Transformation System

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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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