Want Better Romance and Intimacy?

Dr. David Friedman, host of To Your Good Health Radio, interviews four bestselling authors and world renowned SEXperts.

LAURA CORN: In our fast-paced, on-the-go, “can’t stop, won’t stop” lives, sex may be the last thing on your list at the end of the day. Even if you want to do the deed with your partner, you may just be too tired to go through the motions.  Get ready for that to turn around.

#1 Bestselling author Laura Corn joins Dr. Friedman to discuss her bestseller, 101 Nights of Great Sex, and shares ways to add passion and seduction to your love life.


Dr. Ava Cadell, certified sex counselor,   love guru and  celebrity sexologist,   joins Dr. Friedman to share  the secret to recapturing intimacy and romance.   When TV shows want ratings, they call Dr. Ava who has appeared on numerous national shows including Good Morning America, Extra, Montel, Geraldo, Fox News and Anderson Cooper!

Ladies, if you  can’t remember the last time that you’ve wanted to have sex with your mate and feel like your libido is on a roller coaster ride, you’re not alone. According to a recent study, one-third of women aged 18-59 suffer from low sex drive.

There are many solutions to jump starting your libido!  Join  Dr. Ava Cadell, PhD, DHS, as she shares the most common sex drive killers and how to bring your sex drive back to life.


Mark chchaels and Patricia Johnson:   Chocolates and diamonds are nice, especially on “love holidays” such as Valentine’s Day and Anniversaries.  But wouldn’t you like to connect on a deeper level with your significant other?

In this segment of To Your Good Health Radio, Mark Michaels and Patricia Johnson, a happily married couple for over 10 years, talk about their newest book, Great Sex Made Simple.

Learn how to bond with your lover in everyday life and create intimacy so amazing you’ll make everyone jealous.


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