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To Your Good Health Radio Show November 21

Dr. Carl O. Helvie

Thirty-eight years ago Dr. Carl O. Helvie was told he had terminal lung cancer. Dr. Helvie, now 80 years young, is the longest living lung cancer survivor AND takes no medication whatsoever! Dr. Helvie decided to then take the responsibility of his health into his own hands and shares how he did it in his latest book, You Can Beat Lung Cancer. Dr. Helvie used holistic natural interventions of supplements, herbs, enzymes, diet, prayer and meditation to not only beat this dreaded disease – but to prevent a recurrence! At age 80 this energetic man, who still hosts his own radio health show, is living proof that it can be done. Dr. Helvie joins To Your Good Health Radio to not only offer alternatives to those facing this diagnosis, but to bring renewed hope for a future free from the chronic illnesses that affect Americans today.


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[audio:|titles=Longest Living Cancer Survivor & How He Took Charge of His Health Dr. Carl Helvie 11-21-13] [audio:|titles=Natural Alternatives to Battle even the Deadliest Diseases-Dr. Carl Helvie 11-21-13]

Tammy StriklingWith those suffering from ADHD on the rise, Tammy Strickling, Executive Director at Suncoast Rehab, joins To Your Good Health Radio to share the risks of prescription drugs, the right questions to ask your doctor and how to get back to basics, such as you or your child’s diet, before turning to prescription drugs. Tammy says that while new laws help monitor dispensing prescription medications, the first steps begin at home. Tammy also shares the risks of addiction to Adderall, the signs that someone is addicted and the intense rehabilitation process once an addiction becomes apparent. If you or someone you know suffers from ADHD this is a must listen interview!


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[audio:|titles=ADHD-Adderall Addiction on the Rise Is Someone You Know at Risk-Tammy Strickling-11-21-13]

Jay CardielloDecisions, decisions, decisions… the holidays are upon us and we are faced with what to buy, what to eat, what to serve our guests and the list goes on. Jay Cardiello, fitness and nutrition expert, joins To Your Good Health Radio to share his secrets on staying fit and healthy during the holiday season when it almost seems impossible! Jay takes the guess work out of what to choose at the holiday dinner table, how to stay fit with quick exercise tips and how to stay on track instead of waiting for the New Year to lose those holiday pounds.

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[audio:|titles=Stay Fit Even Through The Holidays Jay Cardiello 11-21-13]