Natural acne cures

Are There Any Natural Acne Treatments that Actually Work?

Natural acne curesAre there any natural acne treatments that actually work?

Actually, there are a few that I’ve recommended over the years that have really worked for my patients and help in reducing acne, inflammation and breakouts.

One natural acne treatment that I really love is Tea Tree oil.

Tea Tree Oil is oil that is derived from the Melaleuca plant and has a vast variety of health benefits.  Studies suggest that gels containing 5% Tea Tree oil are more effective than or as effective as lotions containing 5% Benzoyl Peroxide.  It takes a little longer to see the benefits, but you will be rewarded with less drying out of your skin.

Glycolic acid is also an effective one.

It’s a natural acid found in sugar cane, also found in pineapples, and is in a lot of supplements. When applied to your skin, glycolic acid removes dead skin cells, unclogs your pores, improves the appearance of acne scars, and reduces wrinkles.

Apply a honey mask to your face once a week.

Honey has anti-bacterial properties, so it’s great for disinfecting and healing blemishes.  Honey is also good for people with sensitive skin.

Zinc supplements offer another good treatment.

Zinc is great for acne, wound healing and reducing inflammation. Zinc works both internally and for on-the-spot topical applications.  I recommend taking a zinc tablet and smashing it up.   Moisten your finger, dip it into the zinc powder, and apply right on the affected area. It works like magic.

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  1. deborah

    I do believe that natural acne treatment works on acne. The best way to find a treatment is to consult first the experts before applying any treatment to your skin.

  2. natural acne treatment

    Acne scars are tough to beat, and all of us have a common problem in acne. We always asked what is the fastest and easy ways. There are no shortcuts in remedies of acne, you should cure it and have patience for it.

  3. Retin A

    I think I’d stay away from the benzoyl wash and just use it as a spot treatment. Because if your face ever gets nice and clear it will dry it out anyways. This is what my dermatologist told me and it worked!…Try a soap free cleanser (neutrogena naturals or neutrogena foaming face wash are my favorites)Follow that by an oil-free moisturizer with an spf of atleast 15 (I use aveeno)and then do the spot treatment. You don’t want anything too harsh like ProActive. It will go away with some time.

  4. Marie Trelstad

    While it’s true that great skin starts within, sometimes there are years of damage left behind due to acne. Treating acne scars with laser resurfacing and elevation is such an advance in cosmetic skin treatments. It’s safe, heals rather quickly and truly produces amazing results. Good luck!

  5. Betsy Burke

    The root cause of acne is most likely a vitamin A deficiency. I found eating more carrots made them go away. Make sure you get enough magnesium, manganese, and calcium, too. One great thing I highly recommend instead of buying expensive acne creams or plain tea tree oil is to get a soap with tea tree oil in it. I personally use a natural soap that has Tea Tree and Eucalyptus in it and use it with a microfiber washcloth. Most dollar stores and 99 cent stores have these microfiber washcloths these days. Doing all of above makes more sense than buying an expensive 50 dollar acne product that you have to buy every month that contains harsh lab created chemicals that age you quickly doesn’t it? With Chews-4-Health, the 4 sea vegetables are rich in vitamin A. The rest of that product will help your blemishes to heal fast too.

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