antacids as calcium supplements

Antacids for Osteoporosis?

antacids as calcium supplements

I’ve read that osteoporosis is caused from a lack of calcium. Will taking antacid tablets give my body the calcium it needs?

Osteoporosis, for those of you who don’t know, is a disease that is caused by a lack of calcium in the bones.  It is really a dangerous disease that affects one out of every four females. I am glad this question was asked because this is one of my pet peeves.  Here’s the problem with using antacids as a calcium supplement.  Many antacids advertise they contain calcium, actually being promoted as calcium supplementation for strong bones. Here’s the truth, folks.  Antacids are a lousy source of calcium. You cannot get calcium from the antacids.  Now, do they contain calcium? Of course they do, they are not lying. However, in order for the stomach to break down calcium, which is an alkaline mineral, an acid pH is required.  What do you think an antacid does to the stomach acid? It neutralizes it.  So the calcium in these products is rendered indigestible.  Also, antacids contain aluminum, a mineral that has been shown to flush high levels of calcium into the urine and out of the body before it is even used. So this ripple effect can actually lead to a loss of vitamins from the bones , actually leading to bone loss. They are counterproductive to each other. It’s like having gasoline in your fire extinguisher, instead of putting the fire out as you intended, it would only make it worse.

So the answer to this question:  Stay away from antacids as a reliable source of calcium, they do not help the body get the calcium it needs.

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