Exercise makes you GAIN weight!

By Dr. David Friedman 

It’s that time again: “New Year, New You!”  Over two hundred million people in the U.S have made a 2017 New Year’s resolution and 80% of those include losing weight and exercising.  There are more gym memberships started in January than all the other 11 months of the year combined!  However, if weight loss is on the top on your list, going to the gym might not  be the answer.  In fact, exercising can cause you to GAIN weight!  Say What?!   I’ve been a member of a gym for most of my adult life. I am not anti-exercise! I am, however, against working out as being the weight loss solution. Most exercise gurus will tell you to exercise and burn burn burn the calories you eat, if you want to lose weight! That is not true….



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